HISTORY.  Atlanta Sport Taekwondo was originally established in Morrow, GA in 1985 as Yoo Jin Kim Taekwondo.  In 1997, the school was relocated to Stockbridge, GA and renamed Atlanta Sport Taekwondo to better reflect the seriousness of the martial arts program.

FACILITY.  Atlanta Sport Taekwondo is a state of the art facility not only for martial arts training but also for competition preparation.  Our training surface is the same as what is used in the the Olympics providing safety for the athletes as well as good footing.   Our facility houses six Daedo Sparring Stations, the most on the East Coast.  Daedo is the computerized sparring system used in the Olympics.  Also, each Daedo system doubles as a Poomsae Pro scoring system for competition poomsae scoring.

CURRICULUM.  The Curriculum is based on the standardized Kukkiwon curriculum.  Kukkiwon is the world governing body for Taekwondo ranking and education.  All students are tested under the requirements of Kukkiwon and are awarded Kukkiwon Certification upon successfully passing their black belt test.  Because the standardized Kukkiwon curriculum is the most widely used martial arts curriculum in the world (over 200 countries), moving or transferring is never a problem.

PROGRAMS.  Atlanta Sport Taekwondo provides three training programs.  The primary training is our standardized Kukkiwon program or traditional program.  All beginners start with this program.  For many students, this is the only program they become involved in.  For those seeking more, the next available program is our competitive poomsae program or TEAM POOMSAE.  Poomsae is a defined pattern of defense and attack motions created by the Kukkiwon.   The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF),  the governing body for the Taekwondo as a sport under the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has created a rule base for competition poomsae and sparring.  Our third program, TEAM SPARRING, focuses on competition sparring as defined by USA Taekwondo (USAT), the national governing body for Taekwondo under the U.S. Olympic Committe (USOC) and the WTF.

STAFF.  While all of the staff Instructors  are current or former athletes, all staff members are encouraged to participate in continuing education class.  USA Taekwondo offers coaching courses in sparring and referee courses in kyorugi and poomsae.  These courses help instructors understand how to build a stronger foundation for athletes.  The WTF also offers similar courses for higher level coaches and referees.     Likewise, the Kukkiwon offers Master Instructor Courses as well as Promotion Test Examiners Courses.  Furthermore, all instructors have undergone the USOC’s SafeSport program requiring a mandatory background check and educational program.